Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring field trip: Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl

Well, it's time for our spring field trip.  This time to participate in the Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl, a tradition of visiting yarn shops and farms around the area.  This year's crawl will be held from 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27, with much to see and a free gift at each stop.  Probably also refreshments and special displays.  Baby sheep abound at the farms. Aaawww.
I'm organizing a Yarn Crawl trip for Saturday, the 26th.  The plan is to leave the parking and ride at the New Paltz exit of the thruway at 9:30 am and return when we've had enough.  That will give us enough time to visit three shops and a farm, plus have some lunch in an interesting spot and end our trip at White Barn Farm in New Paltz.
Now, here's the problem:  There are interesting venues south of us and interesting ones north of us, but not enough time to go both directions.  So....  I've set out alternative trips and will choose one, depending on the interest generated. 
Trip to the North (with links to get you excited)
Red Hook
    Hudson Valley Sheep and Wool
    Traver Midnight Merinos.
Port Ewen:  Rainbow Sheep Shoppe
New Paltz:  White Barn Farm
Trip to the South (with links to get you excited)
Hopewell Junction: Out Of The Loop
Beacon: Hudson Valley Fiber farm
New Paltz:  White Barn Farm
Now's the time to make your own comparisons so you can vote on which route to take (don't forget that the yarn crawl continues on Sunday, so you can always make your own trip to the ones that don't make it to ours).
1.  If you want to come, respond with "I'm in."  No need to let me know if you are unable to come.  I'll miss you, naturally, but I really only need to hear from those who want to be included.
2.  State your preference:  "northern route" or "southern route".
3.  If, by chance, you only want to go if we go to your preference, let me know that, too.
I'll do my best to make a fair choice after I hear from everyone.  Oh, yes, I will need your choice no later than midnight on Thursday, March 24.  This will give me time to let you all know which route we'll be taking and make some attempt to help with carpooling. 

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