Monday, April 13, 2009

Casting On -- Long Tail

With the "long tail" method of casting on, you measure out a length of yarn (roughly 1 inch for every stitch you plan should give you plenty). If you're stingy like I am, you won't give yourself enough yarn and will have to start over. Don't know what that saves, but I seem to like to see how close I can come to judging just the right amount.

Anyway, once you have a length measured out, you make a slip knot, with the ball end of the yarn the one that slips. Put the slip knot on one needle and hold the needle in your right hand. With the left hand, separate the two strands that are hanging down, with the "tail end" to the left and the "ball end" to the right. Hold both strands toward the bottom of your hand, just to give it some tension. You now have some yarn from the ball end draped over your left index finger, and some yarn from the tail end draped over your thumb.

Take the needle and bring it down so a loop forms on your thumb. Then put it through that loop and make a knit stitch, using yarn from your index finger, just like you would knit a stitch in the Continental style.

Don't take my word for it. Here's a video that will remind you of what we did in class.

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  1. Warning! When casting on with "long tail" make sure it is REALLY long. I ended up with one inch to spare when casting on 30 stitches.