Wednesday, August 5, 2009

October NYS Sheep & Wool Festival

Okay, I know it's only August, but I am looking forward to the big NYS Sheep and Wool Festival that will be held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds (Rhinebeck) the weekend of October 17 and 18. See here to get the full story.

No need to let me know now, but save the date because we will probably have another field trip for one of those days.

Oh, yes, they have yummy workshops the Thursday and Friday before it begins (October 15 and 16). They are pricey, but led by stars in the knit, crochet, weaving, and spinning world.

See here for a full list of the workshops and here for the schedule.

Post-event update

After a little pre-event mix-up, Ann, Renee and Judy attended on cold blustery Sunday.  We all needed our hats, jackets and mittens, and it was great to see all the other hand-knit hats, jackets and mittens.  A little overwhelming, but we had fun.  Great to see the sheep and alpacas that give us such wonderful fleece.

Sorry, no photos.  My camera wouldn't cooperate.  Maybe next time.

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