Sunday, October 18, 2009

Single Crochet Stitch Into a Chain

When you make a single crochet stitch into the foundation chain, you will chain one more stitch than you want to end up with. You start by pressing down on the loop that is on your hook with the index finger of your right hand, so it stays nice and loose and doesn't slip down into the shank of the hook. Without letting go, insert your hook into the top loop of the second chain from your hook. You then grab the yarn coming from your left index finger in the same way you would for a chain stitch, drawing the yarn through the hole in the chain where you have inserted the hook, and pull the yarn through the hole. It helps if you twist the end of your hook toward you as you do this, so it slides nicely through.

This will leave you with two loops on the hook. Make sure both come up and past the shank of the hook and are nice and loose. Then hold them in place with the index finger of your right hand so they can't slip back down into the neck of the hook and get too tight.

Now, grab the yarn the same way and pull it through both the loops that are on the hook, leaving you with only one loop remaining.

You have now completed a single crochet. While there are two steps, it is really the second one (drawing the yarn through the two loops) that is done only once, hence the name "single crochet."

For a look at how this is done, see this video:

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