Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Knit in Public by Yarn Bombing in New Paltz

The week of June 9-16 is
Yes, I know that's not a day . . . so let’s call it KNIT IN PUBLIC WEEK. Here's what's happening in New Paltz:
Sunday, June 10, at 9:00 am: Yarn Bomb Elting Library. Join White Barn Sheep and Wool and other knitters to Yarn Bomb Elting Library. If you haven't heard of "yarn bombing," check it out here:,29307,2077071,00.html
Yarn bombing is often executed like grafiti, with stealth in the middle of the night. In this case, though, Paula Kucera of Whiite Barn has obtained permission to cover the railings leading to the library and has invited us all to participate.
What is needed are many 5”x 40” strips of knitting, crochet, felt, felted sweaters. It's a great stash buster, and I am hoping you will join me in contributing some strips. Also needed are decorations of any kind to go with the strips: flowers, animals, birds, pompoms, tassels, long chains of crochet you get the idea.
Come on Sunday morning to help set up the installation, which will be left up for the week. At the end, any usable strips will be made into a blanket for the library to sell.
If you make some strips and/or decorations, but can't attend the installation, let me know and I'll arrange to get them from you. The deadline would be some time on Saturday.
Wednesday, June 13, from 7-9 pm: Knit in public at McGillicutty’s Pub on Main Street.
Friday, June 15, 10-noon: Knit in public in front of Elting Library (in the middle of New Paltz). Bring a folding chair.

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