Sunday, June 16, 2013

The 2013 Worldwide Knit in Public Week Report

Well, I didn't make it to all the Knit in Public Events I had planned. One got rained out.Another just seemed too far away -- besides I was already knitting at home, and who wants to get up and go somewhere else, I figured.

The last one wrapped up today with one sponsored by Paula Kucera from White Barn Sheep and Wool, our own New Paltz LYS.

This was by far the largest piece I saw being knit. A wonderful blanket made out of natural unspun wool. We gathered outside the delightful Mudd Puddle Cafe at the Water Street Market, where we knit, crocheted and spun to the jazzy, folksy sounds of these fine musicians from the Bernstein Bard Trio.

What I brought to work on was this sweet little child's sweater with a smocked bodice. When finished, I'll be donating it to the Elting Memorial Library to help raise funds.

It was hard to break away, but I left with the desire to bring my knitting to the Water Street Market another time.

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