Friday, April 24, 2009

Knitting Fundamentals - Homework #2


Casting on, knitting, purling, binding off
Increasing (2 methods) and decreasing (2 methods)

Cast on: 30 stitches

Rows 1 through 4: Knit

Rows 5 through 8: K odd rows; P even rows

Begin to increase:

Rows 9, 11, and 13: K 2; increase in next stitch (K in front of stitch, K in back of stitch, take off needle); K to last 3 stitches; increase with make stitch (with left needle, pick up horizontal bar between needle and last stitch on right needle, K into back of loop); K last 2 stitches

Row 10 and all even rows: P

Begin to decrease:

Rows 15 and 17: K 2; decrease by knitting 2 stitches together (K 2 tog); K to last 4 stitches; decrease with K1, S1, PSSO (K the first stitch, slip the next stitch onto the right needle as if to purl, pull the first knitted stitch over the slipped stitch); K last 2 st.

Rows 19 and 21: K 11 stitches, decrease with SSK (slip the next stitches as if to knit, put left needle through the front of the stitches that you have slipped onto the right needle, and knit); K to end.

Row 20: P

Rows 21 through 24: Knit

Bind off

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