Saturday, October 26, 2013

Do You Make Repairs After A Sale?

This is a knitting site, I know, but please indulge me a minute while I talk about my other life -- my life with jewelry -- since I don't yet have a blog/site for that interest.

By now I thought I would know everything and not need any more "learning experiences." Or maybe it's just that I'm trying something new.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a street festival and sold several pieces of jewelry. Well, all but one thing has come back to me for repairs!! Either a jump ring gave, or something just failed. This doesn't include the custom request to add an extender chain to a necklace she bought.

It turns out that I'm now in love with beautiful extender chains and want to have them available to attach to practically any necklace, if the customer wants it. Looks beautiful, don't you think?

In the case of the bracelets, either the thread broke and the beads came lose, or the clasp slipped and the bracelet fell off. Most of the calls for help have required me to completely rebuild.

I'm not happy.  But..... I must say that the finished item is much better the second time around. The next challenge is to make them right the first time.

I've finally gotten the picture that crystals eat up thread, so what to do?  I tried Nymo nylon thread, but it frayed like crazy with crystals -- and was hard to get into the needle. I've finally opted for Fireline by Beadsmith, size .009" diameter. Seems thick enough to withstand the crystal abrasion.

Let's see how long it takes for one of these suckers to come back in!

So, thank you, friends, for having the courage to ask me to customize or repair the damage. You are helping me get better and better.


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