Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Charitable Donations of Knitted Work

Elting Library Silent Auction
We all knit for ourselves, naturally. After all, who else really appreciates all the time and thought that goes into something we make?  And who else will take the time to care for it properly?  Well, maybe you know SOMEONE who fits this description, but YOU certainly do.

But there's someone else who may really really want something special that you make, and that's an organization holding a raffle or auction to raise funds for a really good cause.  Now, you can make something special -- and put it in the hands of someone special.

Over the years, I have donated items to several local organizations, so I thought you might want to take a look to get an idea.

The best way to showcase an item is to donate it to a silent auction. That way, people who like what you make can bid against each other and raise the most money for the organization. 

Unison Learning Center Live Auction
It is also a good way to get your name out there because everyone who bids will see your card, and you can include a card with the item they take home.

Unison Learning Center Live Auction
Occasionally, something you donate will be chosen for the live auction (you know, the one with an actual auctioneer). That's when the fun really begins as you get to watch people bid and see the joy on the face of the person who wins. Of course, it can be embarrassing if nobody bids. That's not going to happen to YOU, though.

Here are few children's sweaters I've donated to be sold at a fund-raising fair. Soooo fun to make. And rewarding, too.

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