Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New York Sheep and Wool Festival Report

Pat Riesenburger really rolls!

All laid out ready to felt
Well, I made it back from the New York Sheep and Wool Festival without buying much. Yea!  There was so much luscious stuff, but last time I looked, I already have baskets full of luscious stuff begging to be put into action.  Soo gotta get to it.

Ann Burdett joined me for lunch and a nice chat. It was good to see her smiling face in all that teeming crowd.

The weather was gorgeous, with lots of great sweaters, shawls, scarf and hat adding to the visual pleasure. Not to mention the performing dogs. Anyone else go? 

A little puny, but cool
My workshop in Nuno felting on Sunday morning was briming over with creativity and so much fun. A complete experience was provided ny workshop leader Pat Riesenburger. Read her blog for some good information: The Crafty Retailer

All in all, I'm pleased with the scarf I made, but I can't wait to make more so I can (maybe) get better.



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